Friday, August 3, 2012

Thats all you get

Marche with veron , joel and parents ! i love them both alot cause i've never seen my parents so excited to bring friends out for a meal before. i know i can count on both veron and joel to watch out for me. My big brother and big sister ! Both so funny and spiritual in their own ways. You know the kind of friend that can joke with you about anything in the world but yet also support you and encourages you spiritually.
They are so generous with their compliments as well. You really can feel the joy of the lord when you are around them.Great friends i have there! 

Our field trip to microsoft and LTA was definitely something you wouldn't want to miss. ( referring to only the microsoft part ) lunch with classmates & clique at ( oh dear i forgot the name ) its at liang court!
the cheese bake rice is the best but i didn't like the chicken..was kind of over cooked.

grandma's birthday celebration at Aunt's house.Love catching up with paternal cousins, such as joy being around them. Uncles and aunties just doing their thing at cracking hilarious jokes.I miss talking to all of them. I like it how harmonious my family is, no quarrels, no fights and no grudges.
Everyone working together and best part is, they aren't calculative at all.Everyone speaking to each other with respect.Sigh.... so sad to see other broken families. Im thankful God gave me this loving family.
Im thankful i can speak to my cousins as well, i've seen families that even among cousins, they have their arguments and even bad mouthing each other.
Im just very thankful.

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