Saturday, May 11, 2013


My apologies for the long hiatus. Here is an update of my trip to korea


if you've been keeping track of my instagram pictures from korea. you can skip the whole section! I've added additional photos taken from kaisheng's camera etc.Shall let the pictures do the talking!

Here is a summary of the places we visited in korea 

1) Banpo bridge ( the colorful looking water fountain bridge) 

Really good if you are in a big group, or maybe for couples to enjoy the scenery.People usually gather there for picnics and the rainbow water fountain synchronizes with the music being played.  

1) Dongjak Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 1 or 2.

2) Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3,7 or 9), Exit 8-1.
Go straight for 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection.
Continue going straight for 400m and cross the street at the crosswalk. 
Go straight through the underpass to arrive at the park. 

2) Lotte world ( theme park + shopping mall

The theme park was alright, we didn't get to ride on all the rides due to time constraint & long queues. Their outdoor theme park was kind of pathetic, most of the rides were closed for maintenance. The mall has krispy Kremes though (plus point) 

3) Myeong Dong (shopping street - its a must to go there) 

Girls & ladies, you should head to myeong to get your facial products. Items from etude house, faceshop, nature republic, laneige, Tony Molly, skin food etc can be found in myeong dong.psst. it's 3 times cheaper to get your facial products in korea than in Singapore itself. You get truck loads of free samples by entering the shop & purchasing something from them. This place is filled with push carts selling food and clothes. I heard there was some famous BBQ place located in that area.... Anyway, the picture above is a restaurant located next to KRISPY KREME. We ordered glass noodles & rice, should be one of the best meals i've had in Korea.  

4) Ehwah women's university (shopping + food)

For cheap clothings, do head to this place as well. Do go into the smaller alleys to get cheap deals. Clothings are as cheap as $5 bucks for a decent maxi dress. They have a wide range of road side stalls selling really delicious food. Its a must try! 

5) Palace ( not too sure of the name) 

we went in time for their guard changing ceremony, we did not explore much in the palace as we had to pay for entrance fee.

6) Gary's cafe ( running man) 

We visited Gary's cafe for some BBQ, i was quite disgusted at the range we could choose on the menu. I think there was only 10 items to choose from for BBQ and majority of it was INTESTINES. I detest intestines, but to my surprise, these were the most delicious thing there is. It was really well marinated with the different spices etc, its a must VISIT for any of you. They were quite welcoming of foreigners! ALL 16 of us were given some leesang autograph post cards.
- do not order the scorched rice IF you dont like teochew porridge.

7) Seoul tower 

TAKE THE CABLE CAR, DONT BE A GENIUS AND WALK UP THE HILL. i was perspiring at 1 degree and my legs were so wobbly. Cable car to and fro is really cheap, just take the cable car, climbing up the hill is not worth it at all. I was so bumped out when we were in the tower, i just sat there and stoned. Did not even walk around to appreciate the scenery, that was how tired i was. Oh and that is the place where they have the lockets where couples go and bind their love to each other and throw the key away

8) Coex mall for aquarium 

please dont waste your time going there, all aquariums look the same, just visit the one in Singapore will do.

9) Hongdae ( the area where we lived at) 

Artsy place where art pieces are displayed, the clothes sold there are kind of pricey but there are like unique clothings being sold there. No harm taking a look, the people there are really well dressed and are quite fashionable ^^ If you want some night life, you can head over to that place.

10) Dong Dae mun( whole sale shopping) 

Some of the tenants aren't really polite, they'll chase you away if you aren't there for business ( purchasing in bulks!) so just walk along and try your luck, opens from 11pm -5am!
Its really good for guys though, guys will have better buys there!

There are actually many other places we visited but i was not really paying attention to the names ^^
But i really enjoyed myself to the fullest with no regrets. This was definitely the experience of a life time. Spending 8 days overseas with 15 others was really worth it. Laughing at every moment, cracking jokes and roaming the streets at 1am/2am in the morning.