Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Short update about the shop , business is per normal these days.Not too many things for me to handle, i hope that i've not neglected anything. i do know i've been neglecting house hold chores.
and yes i do chores at home , but i haven't been doing it faithfully this month.
i really want to thank my mom for being so patient with me, not reminding me that i've got chores to do or  bugging me to do them.
feeling pretty guilty inside now.

 Really want to thank God for helping me juggle so many responsibilities, for getting me through each day without getting all tired out or exhausted.Serving God actually does make me happy and also giving of my time for others.Im slowly picking up the heart for people as weeks go by,picking up the voice of the holy spirit to speak into someone else's life.

 the only thing at the back of my head left is my mom ): 
the time spent away from the house, missing lunch on sundays with her, dinner on weekdays...
how i wish dad was in town so that she would have someone to accompany her when im away.
i honestly have to admit , i think im finally growing up..

i really thank my mom for being so controlling.i really thank her for the times when i got grounded. 
if not i would have gone wayward or some wild child or smoking/ drinking etc.
i dont despise them really , even bestf smokes and is entirely opposite of me.
I just love my life the way it is right now.

God , please bless my mummy . Amen

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