Tuesday, May 15, 2012

if happy ever after did exist

im still pretty amazed , my mom let me wear this ear cuff for the mother's day gathering with relatives . 
hmmmms . 

pretty girl , katherine (: 

ramen w volleyball clique

i have not been updating this space for a pretty long while now , some pictures to share. Pictures edited via Instagram . If anyone out there has a better photo editor app , please tell me about it . 

too many things happening over the past month , one thing i've learnt is to have our focus on God . You'll realise everything else in this world will not matter anymore .You wont feel bothered about relationships w others , how sometimes people's perspective and views on you will unknowingly shape you and your behaviour.  All you want to do is care for others more than yourself , putting the children of God first and just wanting to do everything for God. 

i feel happier now & also thanks to bestfriend .Feeling encouraged as each day passes , praying for bestfriend's salvation. it may take years but i know it will happen ! 

mother's day celebration w relatives at West lake . i totally enjoyed every moment of it , grandparents and grandaunts acting younger somehow ,  how they did not mind posing for photos with cute hand actions . 
cousins going crazily high at every gathering . Must try to plan an outing with them , just us cousins . 
i must say , i've got really good looking cousins ! 
as usual , when we have our mother's day celebration , we will celebrate jonathan's , grandaunt and my birthday together . ( explains the 3 cakes on the table ) 
i really can't wait to see where bestf will take me to for my bday , although it'll be a belated one cuz he'll be in camp ): 

oh ya and katherine ! (: this sweet heart is currently staying over at my place , having htht every night before we sleep ! friends like her are people i should treasure ! (:

i want to go out with veron and adopted brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its so funny being around the both of them .couple made in heaven sent down to make my life happier 
when i have a problem , i go to veron and she tells me an answer which deserves a hashtag sign #win.
so many things to learn from her , such an angel !!

veron if you are reading this : PLEASE STOP EXERCISING , ITS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. 

shall update this space w more photos next time ! hehe 

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