Saturday, May 26, 2012

These fancy things will never come inbetween

Thanks for the celebration guys , to the people who made poly wonderful . If it weren't for you guys , i would probably be dreading school every single day. I look forward t seeing you guys each time , everyone so different in their own ways but perfect together . i love you guys from the bottom of my heart , could never ask for anything better.

loads of hugs and kisses . 

God secretly answered my prayers ! i told God last year that i would want letters instead of gifts for my birthday! words are so much more meaningful ( to me that is ) , so thanks brandon and aaron for the letters ! 

and special thanks to sissy ! i love you alot and pray that you'll win souls each day in brazil and for protection ! 

Headed over to little india , to this dim sum restaurant that everyone speaks so highly about for my little belated birthday dinner w rayson and bestie! 

bestfriend: im gonna bring you t a place t eat dimsum, just follow and dont ask where
bestf : *stun* ya so smart

too bad alson missed all the fun we had , we started speaking in chinese as we entered mustafa ! i've got no idea why but the 3 of us were going crazy in there . overwhelmed by the number of people plus things around . they practically have everything and anything in that place , all sold at a cheaper price. We initially wanted to go for supper but we ordered too much at the dimsum place . 

Congrats to those who graduated , sudden realization that i will be graduating in a year's time . 
3 years is going by too fast ! ): i wish i had more time , i dont want to grow up ! 

saizeriya located at bukit timah plaza , second level just round the corner ! lunch w edwin and clarence , i must say these two have got good persuasion skills man.and yes they persuaded me to go sogurt located near coronation plaza , 
FROLICK IS BETTER .Just saying.. 
shinhye and sengyau came to join us as well! (: our study time was a major fail , we ended up playing monopoly deal .

will do a ootd + visual post soon ! i promise !

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