Friday, March 23, 2012

i really thank God for Lara again , this girl came by holland to accompany me for a little while and also she helped out . i've never done opening at HV outlet by myself before , the last time was with Hanjing . Had to get use to the mini chopping board and tiny sink . oh how i miss Bugis .. 
after this girl left , it was miserable and quiet . After my shift , took 7 to town and waiting for Car at Zara . When a girl steps into one of her favourite stores , her eyes will light up and her mind starts pairing all the clothes she sees , in her head . Reaching out and fingers going through all the fabric , touching each and every piece she comes across . The most wonderful shopping experience ever , thats why pretty clothes makes me happy inside . 

Carisser finally arrived and we headed to ion for our teabreak , little chat over ice tea and hot milo , with mouth watery soft bread at provence . The bakery which Veronica introduced me to , when it comes to cupcakes , bread or anything baked . Veron knows best ^^ 
trained to Yishun for our daily dance practice , enjoying every minute of it . We decided to do a video  and lipsync to " call me maybe " . Just us , reg 9/10 ! 

i love how God does not straight away speak to me as of how to teach the net lessons , but he puts me through it . So that i really teach and share with the cell group about my experience and what it has taught me . Having a heart and compassion for those around especially for those who aren't close at all . Not just by talking to them , but really having that sincerity and heart to know more about them and the troubles they have been going through . It takes alot of effort and it gets us out of our comfort zone , the circle of friends that we all have . Caring more about others than ourselves , not being self centered . We also cannot have that expectation of others to care for us , i guess lesson learnt is also . To give and also not to expect anything back in return , not to be too calculative about things . You will realise you will be a much happier person like this (: 

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