Friday, March 23, 2012

Please leave them at my door

Floral prints / pastel colors / metal ( glitter ) is back this season and im going crazy over them . Maybe  not pastel , but i was literally going crazy at Zara . My all time favourite place to shop at , but now its not the time to splurge on all these .. i will always tell myself to save up to buy all these , but i will end up spending my money at restaurants instead . Filling my tummy up is more important than pretty clothes . Especially with bestf around , going for buffets and especially patronizing any Japanese restaurant has been a norm for the both of us . Such a waste of money right? i think if i were to stop cabbing entirely for a month , i could up save to $200 SGD or more than that . 

psst , i've been eyeing on the feather ear cuff earrings for over a week now from topshop . It cost $16SGD , for one side. they are so prettyyyyyyyyyy !! if you are unsure of what a ear cuff earring is . 
check out ULI's blog for a picture of it (: 

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