Thursday, December 8, 2011


CARBONARA SPAGHETTI .  oh man , i seriously can't wait to get my hands onto some . craving for the one at A3 , maybe i should go to the one at chip bees to try . will cross my fingers ! i want to get what i pay for , and its quite pricey .

i will do a food guide SOON ( after CTS ) as to where to get good spags , i think only veron knows im very fussy about spaghetti about how it should turn out . example , not too much garlic , pepper , not to watery ( specially for carbonara ) , they have to use bacon for the carbonara because to me using ham spoils the whole dish . The texture of the noodles as well as the sauce thats coats it , it should not be too cheesy or too dry . If it is dry , it has to be ultra tasty . A reasonable amount of bacon should be used  .. hmms what else . oh for friends who can consume beef . im rather picky about beef Bolognese spaghetti as well . i prefer the sauce to be filled with minced beef than vegetables or tomato sauce?
i know of some stalls that give miserable portion of minced beef in their sauce , oh and it cannot be too watery  .

toodles .

i can't wait to see how God will move in my generation and in my cell group !!!!!!!!

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