Sunday, December 4, 2011

hahahahah mom is gonna use the rudolf hat to rag her colleague tomorrow ! so glad my mom is finally doing crazy things at her work place . so anyway , felt nauseous this morning and did not go for morning service , SERMON WAS BY PASTOR RUSSEL EVANSSSSSSSSSSSSS . OMGOSH . work of the devil, cause me not to go for morning service . cabbed to cck in the afternoon , nearly threw up in the cab . Had cglt then service by rich wilkerman jr ( SP?)  , full of encouragement about our walk with God.

1. That actually a relationship with God is very simple , just that over the years we made it complicated.

2. it just hit me that having a spiritual husband is very very very important. like i will be spending the rest of my life with a guy who will be my greatest influence . If the guy cannot support me spiritually , i think we can forget about supporting me emotionally as well . Even if im physically protect , i may not necessarily be spiritually protected . i just wowed at how Pastor rich placed it .
That wives are to submit to their husbands but yet the husbands has to be someone WORTH submitting to . Husbands will die to themselves for their wives , but wives are to WORTH dying for .
i can't wait to see who my future husband will be . hehe. i hope he'll be a eurasian pastor or something . TALL DARK AND HANDSOME . kidding

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