Sunday, December 4, 2011

First up edge conference ! ohmyword , each year the conference will never fail to surprise me , each year the conference brings us to a whole new level about worshipping God , each year they have power pack workshops and pastors to guide us and to give us the boost and encouragement with our walk with God . How can anyone not want to be at the EDGE CONFERENCE .

was a pity i had to miss the last night of conference for Christmas dinner with relatives , we had dinner at 6th ave , some restaurant called a3? im not too sure , but the chef was supposedly from Da paulo . When i saw the pizza , i gasped . i did not expect the pizza to taste & look the same as the Dapaulo pizza bar at Chip Bee garden . i thought the chef will change it a little , anyway , i fell in love with the bacon carbonara . The best carbonara that i've ever eaten  , you guys should go give it a try . Its a little pricey , but you get what you pay for . i would not mind going back there for every Christmas gathering instead of hyatt hotel .

ps , if you guys have any recommendations of other pasta joints , do let me know ! im very picky about pasta .

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