Wednesday, November 30, 2011


ohmyword , i spent $200 in 2 days . ALL ON FOOD / MOVIE / CABS / AND MORE FOOD.okay i should really really cut down on the cabbing , especially cabbing to school & to town . and back home again because im too lazy to cross the over head bridge and to walk in to the estate . On the lighter note ,i've got one more valid reason to take a cab , because of the rain . i've got no umbrella ( heavy) and i really hate getting my shoes wet . Thats why i think creepers come in handy , if there is a flood anywhere , no worries , you are wearing platforms and you dont have to worry about the inner part of your shoe getting soaked . But , i guess im too tall to wear creepers to school . I'll be too awkwardly tall ? & i would be hovering over my clique. my 1 hour trip spent in town and i spent that amount . Imagine if i had stayed like for half a day .
i did not get for myself anything though , i want so many things but i feel the pinch if i spent it on myself . Is this  how people usually feel ?

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