Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i miss photography class . really 
if only i could take another ARTS & HUMANITIES related module , 
i would have taken design , as for now , i'll be stuck with understanding relationship . 
i pray that the class will be a fun one though .
hongkong trip is in 3 weeks time !
exams are in 2 weeks
Xmas dinner at a restaurant at 6th ave in 4 days , chef is from da paolo .can't wait to sink my teeth into spaghetti carbonara with loads of bacon , i pray that they wont use ham . i think ham spoils everything . 
edge conference is in 2 days !
oh my word i can't wait ! 
i really have to get on with studying , i really can't get myself to open the text book or notes .
truth be told , i dont know what i've been learning for the past 6 weeks?
except for well maybe cost and managerial ? 


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