Saturday, July 23, 2011


YEAY FOR 180 .
75 salvations , 740 people came to edge . thats like more that 500 salvations this month for us (:
so amazed at how God is working through all of us .
using us as his vessels .
Yes indeed , this is God's time .
cried before the dance , knowing that michael rededicated his life to Christ again (:
so proud of you .
well , dance was ... hahaha .
okay practiced like from 9am till 5pm . i still couldnt get the steps right
so yea , as usual i blanked out ): sigh
worship was awesome
games was hilarious
dance by different regions stepped up a notch .
the hall was flooded with new faces

tiong w region , shinhye and michael (:
hahaha , i love shinhye v v v much (: hahaha (: thank God i have her in the clique !!!! <3
so anyway

got to rmb t pass him my timetable <: HHEEHEH

this week was just jam packed with loads of stuff ,
dance practices / training / tournament at TP / projects .
i've got no time to study ):
i really have to start studying .

tmr i will have church in the morning , classes in the afternoon . gonna skip friendly at spenz
sigh .i love npvball girls as well .
best bunch of girls i've ever met .

dear God
i really want to thank you for the lives you've placed in mine . i thank you for surrounding me with love and care . i want to thank you for the many pretty faces and hearts as well .
i really want to make a difference in their lives , so help me Lord to shine for you.
Lord , i pray you watch over them as they get through their daily lives

pictures of NPVBALL girls will be up soon .

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