Sunday, July 31, 2011


manage to find time to hang out w bestf & kev. the place i've been patronizing is at sunset way . 
icecream at gelato / daily scoop / megumi . 
my money is slowly flying away ): 
oh wells . 
this is just a short update . i need to get on with projects and work ): 
nights spent at tp with the girls , travelling there and back ,  late night dinner at KAP macs with guys and girls team was worth it . 
love them all.
thanks for teaching me chinese as well . 

and i've concluded , i can never pull of eye liner or any make up on my face . 
if you think u can make me look good with makeup on , i will give you a hug everyday. 
eyes oh eyes ... why aren't you bigger or have double eye lids. you're so small and evil looking ): 

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