Saturday, February 2, 2013

i need to save!

Really very thankful for my net members and how I love each of them so much. Cannot bring myself to think that our net will split if we were to grow and multiply. It is indeed heartbreaking... the cell group did split up last year and I do know we will definitely multiply in numbers and raise new leaders this year in 2013.
Each time after net, I would literally go to sleep with a smile on my face and a contented heart. Knowing that every time we gather as a net, it will be fruitful in some ways or another.

Been learning so much after attending 3 classes of teaching methodology, what struck me the most ( shall quote , or try my best to quote what Uncle cheng kiat mentioned) :" if you go to net without preparing for the lesson, aren't you wasting your members time and your time?". Time is precious to everyone, imagine tired teenagers or working adults, rushing for net and receiving nothing at the end of the lesson.Net would feel pointless and a waste of time after a while Yes, I do pray, read the bible and wait upon the lord for a word for the net. But how much do I want it for the net? Right now, I'm just feeling so motivated to pour my life out into them. I'm getting really excited to see something change in the atmosphere & see lives grow in the Lord. All I want to do is to bless them in any way possible !

God I just pray you'll provide me financially, so that I will be able to take all of them out and bless them individually! Praying for divine providence and his favour for the shop!

bottom line is : i need to save up really badly! Shall post up a To Do List 

1) Save up for Korea in april ( grad trip w clique!)
2) Set aside a sum for kairos giving by feb
3) Save up for bangkok, work + shopping trip by june
4) Check out the short courses at Laselle 
5) Get a job! 
6) sleep over with the girls!

I need to save up a total of 5k++ just to fulfil the first 3 points....................................

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