Monday, February 18, 2013


The joy that I will be travelling with my friends! Way too stoked about this & all the adventures waiting to happen. ALL THE KOREAN BBQ AND STEAMBOAT AWAITS ME. Can someone tell me if there are any cheap products i can get in korea that are way over priced here in singapore?
Definitely going for retail therapy when i reach DONGDAEMUN or any night markets!

Praying that i will be able to head to bangkok again before june, maybe a 3 day 2 night work/play trip?

Happy Valentines day 

Had loads of fun on valentines day! Running around looking for items to get for my mom on behalf of my dad. Felt like someone's secretary running around on short notice for different gifts! Rushing home to drop off items and even hiding the gifts in parent's bedroom. Headed out to have dinner at Marche with bestie's  clique. Bunch of really witty & humorous people though. There was an extremely long queue before we could enter.

zr: who in the world suggested this place? must be bird!
bird: eh not me!
me: ya definitely not him, cuz he doesn't even know how to spell Marche.
zr : * starts laughing*
bird: * death stare*

hahaha. Had seafood supper at laopasat // megumi & awfully chocolate.

& happybirthday to CHARIS in advance !!!!!!!!

I didn't volunteer to do the speech cause I will definitely start crying!
Here goes :

You have been the most caring leader & friend i've ever met. Calling up to check on me and to even make sure if I was walking right with God. I know you dont have to call but you took the initiative to! I really appreciated it for the times when i bawled my eyes out and mumbling out my problems esp during leaders re-encounter camp. IM GLAD NONE OF THE OTHER LEADERS CAME ( hehe) , IF NOT I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TELL YOU MY PROBLEMS AND WHAT WAS GOING ON IN MY LIFE... You have been so patient with me and understanding, i truly admire you alot for handling so many things but yet keeping your cool when raging situations arises. Truly a woman of God and there are so many things i've yet to learn. I really thank God you were the one who discipled me, couldn't have asked for a better discipler! You, veron and amos were the ones who actually got me excited to walk & read the bible and taught me so many things. & i can't wait to grow old with you!!!!!! i totally agree with what eric mentioned, about the purity in your heart and in your words. Because of your love for God, that is what attracts many to you! & & & something you should know !!!!!!!! EVERYTIME WHEN YOU STAND BEHIND THE PULPIT AND MAKE ANNOUNCEMENTS, i will be thinking " CHARIS IS GETTING PRETTIER AND PRETTIER EVERY WEEK" !!

i dont know if you'll see this ): ): ):  i pray you do!
I LOVE YOU CHARIS TAN!! <3 nbsp="" p="">

i need to start studying..

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