Thursday, January 24, 2013


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New website + new collection launch. It was definitely a few weeks of hardwork and stressing over budget. 
But the God that i serve brought me through it and even provided. Really thank God for who He is. 
He spoke in an audible voice and followed by action. The phrase " action speaks louder than words?" His action was really providing me with a sum of money to even start it off. You guys might be wondering why I am doing this, but in fact all profits made will be going to my Kairos offering! Its all for God and not a single penny will be going into my pocket. So do support me! (: Proclaiming that God will come true for my kairos giving. I placed down a sum i know i will never be able to save ( i've never even saved this amount before though, not really good at saving) and i've done my calculations, if everything in the collection gets sold out I'm still half the amount away from the amount pledged. Then He said : " This is where I will come through for you." How amazing is God? Honestly, im just quite impatient as to see how He will provide. Just so excited to see all the miracles happening!!!!!!!!

Really want to thank the following people,
Uli , Desiree,JoelYap,Hillary, Isaac and Joseph for helping and making this happen. 
My mom,sis,bestie for helping out behind the scene like chauffeuring and carrying the heavy stuff

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