Sunday, March 11, 2012


had this really long ago , when we had combine service with 7/8 at raffles city . this place is located at the basement , directly opposite Ben and jerry's . i did not really enjoy the food here though , i had omelette pizza for lunch . 

This place is located at MBS , first floor . When i went there , there was the narnia exhibition going on , im not too sure if its still there . But you can try entering via helix bridge and if you look down from the entrance , you'll see the restaurant , they serve mainly burgers .I highly recommend you to visit this place . Awesome stir fried onions mixed with some kind of " secret sauce " in your burgers .

this picture was taken really long ago , i think a few months back ? tea time treat with bestfriend at Haato . if you guys visit haato , you should try their beef Bolognese spaghetti . Its the best   

this is what i usually eat if i patronize Xin Wang ,  maggie noodle with luncheon meat and egg ( i will always give the egg to my mom or whoever im eating it with ) so ya , the plate can easily cost you $8 or $6 bucks , when it only cost maybe a $1 ? i love eating pineapple bun w/o the pineapple haha . i love stinking my teeth into the thick slab of butter and warm and slightly crispy bun. 

Ice cream place  ( not too sure of the name ) located opposite world of sports / this CD shop at tanglin mall . Look at the range of pastries , cupcakes etc . All so pretty and colorful , want to lay my hands on them so badly . Should bring veronica there ^^ i think she will love it . 

sakae sushi with bestfriend again , we can patronize this place at west coast plaza like 3 times a week man . we practically go there every month for our student buffet or ala carte if we are not that hungry . The place to go if you want some cheap japanese buffet , but i have to admit , the food isn't that wonderful . Its on the average side

lunch with zoe dear at ion . I can't remember the name of this place but there serve really awesome noodle and meat . i have never tried such taste pork and chicken slices before in my whole life . 
ps : i ate my veg that day . 
after which we headed down to FEP to get our nails done , it feels really good to get a foot scrub done . paid total of $44 dollars?As we had a student discount , i guess the only headache you get for doing manicure and pedicure is choosing the colors . Im pretty sure i am gonna do glittery  gold the next time round .

cupcake from high society , i am not too sure if this place can be found in every " That CD Shop" , so anyway , the little cupcake for my morning breakfast .But i dont really fancy cupcakes though , so i licked the whole top part ( chocolate icing ) leaving the bare looking chocolate cupcake there for mom to finish it . But i must say that the thin slice of chocolate cake is pretty good , you guys should give it a try

best international buffet ever , look at the chocolate lava cake with ice cream , alaskan crab and more. They serve a wide variety of food though and deserts . It was to celebrate Shin Hye's birthday , and the meal was on the house . Really thankful towards her parents . Dinner time buffet will cost around $48 SGD ++ . Its quite worth it if you are a big eater . you guys have got to check this place out yourself ! 
located on the second floor of marina square , near the escalator.

had megumi ( sunset way ) with bestf again , had my gyu don and UFO maki , i think many of you will  like this , its crispy on the inside . Its kind of a mix seafood maki , salmon with crabmeat and i dont know what else . UFO maki is $12SGD + gyu don ( beef rice ) $13SGD . 

done , i will blog more about food soon !

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veronica said...

Hehe babe! cuppycakes here HEHE. when i saw the cakes i immediately thought OMG I MUST GO THERE. hahahahaha. meet up soon :b