Monday, January 9, 2012


oh gosh , i've accumulated tons of photos in my iphone but im too lazy to upload them . They are mostly of food though ! i think what makes feel fuzzy inside are good food and pretty clothes . i love the feeling of eating and making my tummy bloated , and to the point where you think you're gonna fall asleep anytime soon . haha , ok i sound like a pig . Eating makes me happy some how , its not exactly a very good thing either.But i pray my metabolism rate does not die on me anything soon .   When i am hungry , i start to get a little annoyed and frustrated . I dont know why , but i really dislike the feeling of hunger .

Imagine if i were to be placed in Jesus's shoes and fast for 40 days , and when the devil tries to tempt me into turning the stones into bread . i think i would throw the stones at him instead for being so annoying.hahaha , okay i shouldn't laugh . Seriously , i've noticed something , like if i were to get into a heated argument with my mom or maybe quarrel with bestfriend over something . What would extinguish the fire and maybe tension is food. i dont know if there is a term for it , if you do know , please enlighten me .

someone kill me please , i've got no idea why i started the topic of food , its making me so hungry right now ..... urgh . But over all the food and everything , only God can make me satisfied and filled up to the brim of my mouth . He fills my tummy with spiritual foodddddddddd ^^ i love how God does those amazing things , like answering ridiculous prayers that i pray for sometimes . For example " cancelling of cell group leader training classes " , " praying for taxi " , " praying for no lessons etc " HAHAHA . Best friend has seen and heard me pray these prayers out loud before . He would end up staring and mocking me for being stupid and retarded. then * snap* prayer answered ! <: im so thankful for the results that He has bless me with , like for the amount of time i've spent in church before my common test papers , and compared to the time i spent studying for them . And take note that i dont even know what has been going in class.... really want to thank God for all He has done .

one picture to end my post .

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