Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Charis came over in the afternoon and could finally have heart to heart talk with her , catching up on all the action that i've missed in her life . I miss you alot big sister . I would love to visit you in Sydney one day . love you alot !

How awesome is it to spend the count down in church? like you spent the last few hours of the year (2011) listening to sermons , spending time w brothers and sisters in Christ , with the body of Christ and giving praise and worship to the King . One of the most memorable services that i've been to  .

afterwhich , it was sleepover at my place w Veronica and charis . We were so zonked out and tired , we did not really take photos  ): but we slept at around 4am ? it was total knock out man , slept like a pig though . Then waking up in the morning to the smell of bacon and the chatter from the girls and mom .
If i hadn't gone for night watch , i think i would be at Lao Pa Sat w bestfriend , shawn tay , his girlfriend etc and most probably could mayb meet zozo. I really want to have a stay over at MBS ..pouts !

it was a good year 2011 , full of ups and downs . Sleepless nights and good unforgettable memories ! its a new beginning for all and i too need my new beginning . Oh wells.


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