Wednesday, December 28, 2011

dinner with Bryan at Dapaolo Restaurant on Christmas day !
he totally made my night , hahaha . i didnt know what we were gonna eat because he came to my rescue at the last moment ( LONG STORY) 
thank goodness he knew what would make me happy <: a nice plate of carbonara with bacon , the thought of it already made me happy and it drove all my sadness away . 
yeay , my first candle lit dinner (: so glad that i've known Bryan for almost 6 years now? my classmate for 4 years straight and the one who comes to my rescue every now and then SINCE SECONDARY 1 okay , no joke. you've been such a blessing to me and i feel so lucky and blessed to have known you .
what we plan to do for everytime we meet up , 
to try all the restaurants located at chip bees ... ( GONNA BE BROKE MAN)
oh wells (: i've never done it before , no harm trying yea (: i'll be the food critic . 
so anyway , the carbonara was awesome , but i think the one at cherry lane was slightly tastier ? 
but its a close fight (: the lobster risotto bryan had was good ! i like the sauce that they poured over the lobster pieces .

people whom i want to meet up w before the end of holidays 
zoe lim 
mandy wong ( before she flies back to aussie )
cindy and gang ! ( gosh i think i will only be able t meet up w her when she gets back from jakarta)
charis wong ! ( before she flies back to aussie)
frolick girls ( should be meeting them this fri) 
volleyball clique ( trip to pulau ubin this sunday? hopefully my mom will allow )
veronica angg ( my one on one date w her .. i wonder when!?!) 
charis lim & clarice ! ( BOOK EVENT @ VIVO) 
polyclique ( yeay for this thursday night, MBS ) 
josephine and brandon 
bestfriend? ( hahaha not important . lol since i always bump into him ) 

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