Saturday, November 19, 2011


Things that i still want to do this sem with friends ...

all these things remind me of bff zoe . i miss her alot , i wish i was in the same school as her . i could meet up with her during breaks if possible etc . I want to just walk around town talking to her , i dont mind if we dont talk , cause i guess the silence does not feel awkward anymore .

i miss the volleyball girls as well .the best bunch of girls i've ever met , they are just so real and sincere . i would definitely want some girl bonding time with them .

can't wait to go out with Sam tomorrow though , will be window shopping and stuffing our mouths with food hopefully . OH AND TRY TO DIG OUT WHAT HER PARENTS GOT FOR ME THIS CHRISTMAS . HAHAHAH . TRADE SECRETS . Then we'll head of for dinner with family .

oh and not to forget bryan yeo & veronica . hahaha (: so thankful for the both of them . i love you both very much . thanks for always being there for me whenever i have a screw loose in my head . or when a part of me snaps for that moment . All the people mentioned above have seen me cry , or maybe because i really do get emotional easily .

emotions ... im learning to control them . i feel like crying whenever im confuse , angry or sad. When the whole situation seem out of control i will cry . i cry instantly when i have angry thoughts , i've been told many times before that im mentally weak , i stumble easily .Constantly trying to pick myself up again but falling flat at the next moment . I need more of God's assurance in my life .
I need to trust Him more each day . I kind of struggle with that eh , to put TOTAL TRUST in Him . Like he will pave the way , i know God have better things installed for me ... But ... its the part where i say " God , Im letting everything go . You will handle them , do whatever You want " . urggh , i just can't .... But i did promise God i will let them go bit by bit .


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