Sunday, November 13, 2011

oh man , fell in love with these shoes the moment i saw them at Topshop . 
$66 bucks for a pair is insanely expensive . 
shall put these on my christmas wishlist . 
haahahahah i took a picture of them and sent them to bestf in hopes i would get them for christmas . 
they look like house slippers though . 

anyway , i really can't wait for this christmas . 
going away for a holiday with the family to Hong Kong . 
As well as for outreach , 
we will be baking cookies / brownies or something tasty for our foreign friends working their butts of everyday at construction sites . 
For a change , instead of receiving , we should give instead  
Well , i've prayed about it and God has yet to give me a reply . 
i hope everything will go smoothly as planned though . It'll also be somewhat like a net bonding session as well <3 
Can't imagine if the entire region's youth takes part and help out in this too (: 
In my opinion it'll be good for all of us , helps us learn a thing or two . 
Not to be self centered all the time , its easy to receive but hard to give especially if time is involved and money . 
Especially if its for people whom we do not even know or seen before . 
Its quite funny actually , 
but Jesus gave his life for  all of us , but some of us do not even know Him . 
How could someone die for people that in return may not even know of Him.
He died because he saw what laid ahead which was YOU AND ME . He saw that if he died , our sins would be washed away and forgiven . He made the way for us to Heaven through Christ himself . 
His love for us is far greater than our love for each other . We can never love someone as much as how God loves us . Thats why Jesus could endure all the pain and suffering he had to go through . 

Can never thank You enough for what You went through for me .

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