Monday, September 19, 2011


have been working at frolick - bugis . as well as relief teaching BRPS .
im kind of enjoying myself though , making sure i instill godly values into my students .
this school really need God's hand over it .
 rebelliousness in each student , strong hold that is over the school . majority of the students coming from broken homes , foster care and a centre where abandon kids stay at .
Majority of the kids are malay and  indians , but they are the ones not giving the most trouble . but the chinese kids are. Being the minority of the population but yet their voices are the one controlling the class . instilling fear into every single classmate there .
stupid chinese boys , they dont know what they are getting themselves into .
i've been through primary school and i know what goes on .
Gonna make a difference in their life although i will just be there for one more week .
such a torture to keep having to change moods half the time ,
one moment i m angry , the next i have to be soft spoken to another kid . not wanting to inflict unnecessary fear into another innocent kid .
they are like draining the life out of me , but gonna rely on God's strength to bring me through , to have compassion for every child and to see the good in them .

sigh coming to think about it , i kind of miss Andrew , limxi and trevin ):
sigh ):
okay i will go look for them tmr .
esp andrew (: yeay my "younger bro " hahaha

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