Sunday, September 18, 2011

evil world

Sigh , how i wish i could spend all of my days with church friends and in church serving the Lord .
no other worries and problems to handle .
or at least im worrying for stuff that is worth worrying for . Like , worrying or having a burden for people whom have yet to know about God.
I just want to surround myself with christ like people ,
admiring the life a pastor leads . Well its not an easy one , but its one with God 24/7 .
I just want to thank God that im learning to put my trust in Him , more than never before .
How a problem arises for example friendships?
I turn to God first , where i lay my problems and whom i complain to all the time .
i do complain to certain friends but above it all . Its God whom i put my total trust in .
God will never fail me , ever . I do make mistakes till , and i make mistakes all the time .
but i guess i just ask God for a heart of forgiveness and a change in my mindset and how i think .
How sad it is that , i've got a thousand over friends but none can truly be there for me .
Only God can.
none can truly make me whole .
none can truly make me feel happy
none can truly speak to my heart and soul
none can truly read my thoughts
none can truly listen without judging
none can have both talk and action .
only God can .

For those reading my blog , yes my God speaks to me . The holy spirit will speak to me .
its mind boggling. Its not my ownself talking but its truly God .
I've experience the power of what God can do in so many different ways .
Just want to serve Him forever .

sigh , i seriously have major trust issues w people , but nvm , God will fix my heart .

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