Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've got feelings too.

k , i dont know where to start . 
so many things happened lately , how everyone showed their true colors .
Amanda , you have to watch your back and not be naive and oblivious to this harsh evil world . 
i need to stop living in the well protected bubble of mine . 
i never did anything to harm her . 
neither do i know whats going on .
i dont know if i've changed . 
all i know , even though we aren't really friends anymore . Im still playing my part as being her friend . 
defending her when asked about . 
i dont even get why i do them . 
whats the point of telling those who asked me about her that 
" oh nothing she is just going through a hard time " 
" nothing is wrong with her " 
why continue when she has said so many mean things. 

i know i dont even need to defend her , and she doesn't need it .
But i guess deep down inside, i miss her as a friend . 


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