Saturday, August 20, 2011


God , just want to thank you for today . how much you've showed me just by today alone . 
talking about you makes me feel better and happier . I could on like this forever , 
Lord , i feel so accomplished . Discipling Clarice , preaching to friends about You . The more i spoke of you , the more i marveled at the wonders you've done in my life and how i've actually made the step of faith , step up to be a leader in my generation . How you spoke through a customer . Lord you always amazed me with what You do . How merciful you are upon my life which i actually dont deserve . I feel so blessed and a great honor to be serving you . Lord your love just holds me together through difficult times , your warmth just assures me that You are here . I feel so complete with You in my life . 
Lord i wish you had a mailing address i could write letters to . And i would definitely write many love letters to You , for im so in love with a mighty God . Your love is so kind and patient . One day in your courts is better than thousands else where . I want to stay in the safe place forever , to be overwhelmed with Your spirit and presence . You've moved me so deeply that i really cannot contain it . I want to worship you forever. God im so thankful for what You've done through me . You've really showed me what i can do through you . Not by my own strength , but Yours . 
I love you endlessly.

In Jesus name i pray . 

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