Wednesday, March 16, 2011


                    SKINNY PIZZA W VERON , ANDREA AND JOEL <: 
joel's treat. wonder what's the occasion
shopping w mom before that at wisma/ion
suntec IT fair to look for joel.
marina , city link raffles city <: 
then met up w veron ! 

next stop @ coffeeclub. 
we made so much noise at coffeeclub, i nearly fell forward , off the chair . 
laughed so much till my throat and head hurt. 

i dont know why , i find this picture of veron and joel v cute . heh heh

their muddy mud pie. 

& my gooey chocolate cake w icecream!

next up is flea @ TAB w my bestfriend zoe baby !
had an awesome time w her , 
although we made v little , it was still worth my time . 
reached forum @ around 930? 
chatted at mac till 11. 
walked over w our luggages. we had tons of weird stares.
set up our booth near the entrance , 
zoe's mom came by to help out .
waited and chatted , zoe is one girl whom you can talk to 
all my secrets are w you baby girl.
isn't she pretty? too bad guys , she's taken.

go support !

dinner with her parents at newton market . 
stingray / satay / oyster omelette / fried rice. 
enough t leave my tummy smiling <: 
i love her parents , they are hilarious ! 

anyway , i made bestf walk w me after lunch from gm to holland to get the cake
im so sorry dude. HAHA 
i promise i will give you a treat.
had cell and decided to surprise our dearly beloved guitarist
you're 18 now ! 
grow w the lord yea? see how much you've grown spiritually? 
so happy and proud of you future net leader!

lunch w bestf 
our most fastest and quietest meal ever
this is how our normal meal will go . 
we'll talk non stop then take half an hour to an hour t finish it 
but lunch at megumi was entirely different.
finished it in 10 mins tops.
hahahahah , super duper tasty and nice k 
restaurant is located at sunset way ! go and check it out. 
( marc you should pay me for this <: ) 

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