Wednesday, December 22, 2010


im back from msia , 3 day trip .which past so quickly ): 
 anyway , had our christmas outreach service at touchcommunitycentre,bukitmerah . 
kind of bum cause i didn't get the chance t watch the entire performance , was backstage waiting for my turn to flash our testimonies , johann came for the service as well <: 
anyway , had cell at yankun's place . 

in malaysia , we stayed at johor , grandparagon hotel , the hotel facilities weren't that bad 
& now i wouldn't mind going out to JB anytime for their seafood etc <: oh i had free wifi at the hotel , thankgoodness i brought my iphone up . 
went to malacca for a few hours , walked aroundddd and bought loads of nonsense & gifts , but none were for myself . 
i've got this tendency esp when im overseas, to buy for others first then think about what to get for myself later . but i usually dont get anything for myself .
brought back chewing gum etc , toyguns to play ( suppose to be for bacon & stanley , but mom wanted me to keep them so that she could play it at home w me ) 
had dinner w jaena , andes ,& forgot the other guy's name & sis .they sure do know their way arounddd JB man 

soyeay& i will upload pictures soon <:

i've got so many things to do but so little time 

thursday - lunch w zoebryanandrestanley etc 
                   dinner with cell , xmas outreach
friday - meeting up w pri school clique 
              dinner with grandparents ( bothsides)
saturday - fishing w clique&Hub
sunday - morning service/evening service
monday- filming at ikea 
                vball training at night 
tuesday - out with volleyball clique
wednesday - out w logan at ikea (tampines! ) 

i've still got to figure out how to meet up polyclique for project & my LMS group  

so little time ): + v strict mother  . how.

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