Saturday, November 6, 2010

its 2 am nao and i should b asleep & having media fast ,  hahaha but ....... as you can see ...
so anyway , school has been great and all .
im gonna miss you badly bella , although i know you may never see this but ,
i love you loads for being such a wonderful & beautiful friend t me <: all the best in lasalle <:
so anyway ,
i've got a mission . [ clarence & marc had better read this ]
- gonna get them both a girl friend no matter what by the end of this three years <:
*but marc has to drive me t school and back home <: thanks in advance <:
okay fine , that was a random thought .

movie w joelneo , my adopted brother . then followed by teochew porridge for supper w parents .
darn , we should have gotten ourselves icecream or something ):

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