Sunday, October 31, 2010

flea w veron <: hahahaha
morning breakfast at botanical garden w parents , dad is finally back in spore <: heh heh
anyway , rushed home and back t town t meet mark and joel at 313
been months since ive seen markkkkkkk <:
went t smoosh t say hai t andrewww , kaikean wasn't in .
bought my dress from newlook , must rmb t get hair accessories or something soon <: yeay
veron finally arrivedddd and we headed to cine scape for FLEAAA <: HAHAHAH
couldn't persuade veron t go for the haunted house museum thingy , hahaha
bumped into BANGJIE <: HAHAHA . & joy cheng
trained t tpy , edge
i dontknow why , but i look forward for worship . where its all toned down , connecting w God .

sunday morning was mad and hectic
had t settle
1) ushering
2) cw kids duty
3) last min preteens disciple-ing
4)edge conference , chasing everyone
5)settle USS stuff
but thankgoodness for amos , charis , joelyap , zan etc <: i could get about it .
rawr <: went shopping by myself , actually i quite like it .
had t run some errands , bought slippers for some lazybum , at the same time spent $80 on two new pair of sandals <:
so i've spent , $120 just like tt this weekend <: the dress and two sandals .
hahahahah <:
and and and should i sell my two phones t get an iphone 4?
hmmmmmmzzzzzzz .

i've got media fast for two weekz !!!!!! okay time t spend more time w God .
no facebook , no blogging , no tv , no secular music , what else . hmms
luckily i still can text <: heees

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