Saturday, October 22, 2011

haha what i love about frolick are these girls . 
hhahah making my 5 hour shifts ever so fun and exciting . 
laughing every moment . 
although the pay isn't that wonderful , but hey . im enjoying myself aren't i ? 
weifeng and her bestfriend chloe came by to say hi ! (: 
so sweet of them  
for the past month , quite a number of friends came by to visit me (: 
and some were surprise to see me working at the outlet in bugis. 
anyway , i thank God for everyone of them and for putting them in my life . 

manage to hang out with zoeeeeeeee last saturday (: 
went to Hot tomato for lunch ! (: hehehe 
awesome food yo . 
flea . hahaha i can never go out w zoe and not spend money . 
hahahahaha . (: 
my shopping bestf . 
i miss you alot . 
school has started , means we will have less time to hang out ): 
thanks for always being there for me . 
my listening ear and the best girl friend anyone could have . 
i love you babe!

Hot tomato with cousin and mom . 
hahahahaha i get along super well with jonathan now . 
oh man i wish he was my younger brother or older brother . 
hahaha he is so cute ! and GENTLEMANLY ! 
he has indeed grown up . 
oh and would very much love that samantha is the coolest cousin i've ever had (: 
very pretty one too . 

my salmon fillet with aglio olio .

okay i look horrible in this picture but oh well . 
hahahaaha . 
haato for my fav spag Bolognese

God has been so good to me . 
infact too good . 
He never fails to show up when in times of need . 
He is like my personal super hero . 
Gives me that peace no one else can as well as comfort . 
i may seek advise from some but the advise from God himself shuts off all doubts worries or troubles. 
so dear friends reading this . 
to know what im talking about , 
just give a shout out to God and he will come speak t you . 
but your heart has to yearn SINCERELY for him . 
sigh , how wonderful it is that there is a God who cares ? 
even in this scientific world we live in , 
where technology dominates everything . 
Improves our lives in so many ways , but yet . 
God is greater than all of it and any invention . 

i will leave it here as it is for anyone reading this little space that i have . 

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