Sunday, July 3, 2011

day out with bestfriend . 
been a long time we've hung out tgt though . 
had girl htht . sigh , if only everything comes by easily . 
like you know what every girl dreams of . 
i love talking to zo about stuff like that . 
reminding me that there is more to love . 
had lunch at Hot tomato . (: we totally wasted our food . hahaha didn't finish it . 
windowshopped ! 
zara / forever 21 / scape / other smaller stalls
hahaha bought a tie dye tee and one mini oversized dress . hehe . 
bump into christabelle.
after listening to the stories of dearzoe's life . i wish i was in SP now . 
but then again , i wouldn't have met the awesome people that i've already met in NP . 

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