Friday, May 20, 2011

polar polar polar-roids

you guys will always be locked up in my HEART HEART HEART 

God you've been too good to me . 
Speak to me , in my dreams even . 
i want to be more sensitive to your spirit . 
i want to have compassion for the lost souls out there 
to look at everyone through your eyes . 
Use me as your vessel to win souls for you 
give me wisdom 
choose the right words to say 
i want to tune in to you channel 
Lord , let a tune , a song of praise ring in my head forever. 
i want my heart , soul and mind to be singing your praises everyday . 
how wonderful it is to have a new anthem or song everyday that i can sing to 
i want to praise you like never before. 
Lord , fill me w your love & grace . 
teach me to be more like you . 
in Jesus name i pray , 

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