Monday, May 30, 2011


sunday mornings are tiring ,but its all worth it . FOR GOD'S KINGDOM I WILL DO ANYTHING I GUESS. This boy here is andrew <: cute isn't he? its like having a little brother around . now i know how my mom felt like when i was P3 when i couldn't stop blabbering about everything that happened in school . 

night movie w cuzzinz. 
nomnomnom @ hans holland
uncle parked his car @ hyatt as usual. 
 i miss swimming there , running to superbig toilet t change & hogging it
always feeling hungry after a swim , we would usually go next door to FEP for hans etc.
lido's new threatre is spanking impressive. 
way better lookin than the old layout , but no more kfc / starbux/pastamania/ etc
oh ya , eyeing on the wallet & bag @ marc by marc jacobs . 
kungfu panda was stinking hilarious . 
its a must watch cartoon show. 

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