Monday, April 4, 2011

reasons why i go to church 
reasons why i love God
reasons why i believe in Him 

1 ) He came through for me 
2) He is my hope 
3) my faith 
4) He is real , thats why i believe in him 
5) He spoke to me clearly 
6) He answered my prayers in His own mysterious ways 
7) i sing His songs , cuz they mean something 
8) when i sing His praises , the spirit within me feels free
9) His sacrifice touched my soul 
10) my soul & spirit feels alive whenever i speak about Him 
11) He is my personal God 
12) He is my friend 
13) He is my father 
( isn't it amazing if you could have a r/s w the kings of kings and Lord of Lords ? ) 
14) He died for me , when He knows He didn't have to , but he did .
15) He loves me even before i knew of him 
16) He gives me answers 
17) He , the king of kings , came forward and led me on the journey w him 
18) He brings peace to my life. 
19) He guides me every second of my life 
20) He is perfect and He makes perfect sense . 

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