Saturday, April 9, 2011

i need to get off my butt & get a job.

necklace from xiamen  , im loving it . top from topshop.

" go buy it , seriously , i can see the sparkle in your eyes when you look at it" - edwin leong. 

hhaha was hesitant on getting it , cuz it was rather pricey $25 SGD .not really worth it's price . but oh wells.

anyway had a good scolding from bestfriend yesterday , you must be wondering why i got scolded . and im not kidding when i said , i got SCOLDED. yes , who gets scolded by their friends or bestfriend . anyway it wasn't zoe who scolded me ( if you're thinking who ) 
 bff said i was too timid for my own sake , 
threats from parents to take me out from school is stupid 
that im no longer 8 but 18 alr , i should stop relying on my parents so much for anything , that i should start being independent. i shouldn't cry so easily like i've always been doing . 

( anyway i cry most of the time infront of zoe bestf and bff ) 

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