Sunday, April 10, 2011


death of a love one is hard to overcome.
an emotional trauma
i love you cindy , know that i will always be here for you.

cindy's text came at about 11am , 
so travelled down to aljunied( if thats how you spell it ) w bff , 2 hour long ride in bus 100 . 
finally reaching the mt vernon crematorium 
found my way to the hall , 
i've never been to wakes on my own without my parents, so it was my first i guess . 
stayed for a short while before heading down to beach road , 
it was along the way , bff insisted on alighting and get something to munch . 
ate at a hongkong restaurant , ordered too much and had to takeaway . 
walked around and landed ourselves at haji lane ! haha <: 
duperduperduper harpie  
walked around and went to this oldtoyshop . pictures are currently not w me  now , will upload them sooon. it started to rain soon after ,but we continued to walk around . shops after shops then we decided to call it a day (: 

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