Saturday, March 5, 2011

ZOE , love you dear !

dont you think she is gorgeously beautiful ? 
go get to know her
@ her blog 

best time in my life after so long , 
i dont know why whenever i meet zoe , she'll make me a million times better than i did before stepping into her home . 
i love hanging out w her , just the two of us . the whole afternoon! 
the best part is that , 
being with her for 6 hours plus , felt like 1 hour just went by . 
had a super girly time w her <: we should do it more often. 
how often do bestfriends sort out each other's clothes! 
& & & she helped perm my hair ! <: 
i dont know what i'll do without you bbg. 
i love her room as well ! 
so cosy ! ( babe , go do a room tour video ! ) 

i can't wait for the four of us to go out though <: 
bestfriend & bff together hanging out <: 

1) threading with my dear next week
2) perming our hair together , most probably at tony&guy.
3) mani/pedi cure @ fareast. 
4)Hookedonflea together ! we'll conquer them all 
5 ) dinner after <: hahahaha 

wait , my stomach just growled . 

i love you dear ! 
& no , i didn't send the wrong sms yesterday !
net was awesome as usual as well <: 
my veronica , love you too hubby. 

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