Monday, March 28, 2011

our little adventure.

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shall summarize the entire week's trip for those who are reading . 

long bus rides ,  which was our sleeping pill for the trip  , free and easy after 6 pm everyday was like heaven & freedom for us all . roaming the streets of xiamen , getting good deals , bargaining etc.going into dark alleys in search for good buys.Purchasing snacks from road side stalls , which were deliciously good , midnight snacks as well . 
had weird stares from people around , we ( which consisted of 2 girls and 6-8 guys )
we shopped till our ankles ached & were the last few to leave the place. 
back to the hotel for more fun  , 
pool / snooker / table tennis / monopoly deal all night . 
guys crashed at shinhye's and my room  , 

had a freaky time on the second night , all thanks to clarence. 
which sent us shivering & jumping off our seats at the slightest sound made.
wild thoughts ran through our minds , analyzing everything that was happening . 
what if the angry china man next door had a gun/chopper/axe? 
spooky wind howling outside our window . 
hence, clarence and marc had to watch shinhye and i fall asleep. 

factories and company visit all day long , 
bumpy ferry rides to taiwan , which made everyone dizzy and sick in their guts. 
cultural visits as well , an eye opener to most of us . 
nearly froze to death on the night cruise ride.

universities and school visits were quite fun , 
interacting in chinese/hokkien w the students was the most hilarious thing ever . 
their weird / uncomfortable questions such as 

Q : will you bring a china boyf back? 
Q : why do china  people in singapore fail in getting a singaporean girlf? 


so ..
we ate at restaurants on most nights , bought lotsa stuff from roadsidefoodstall.
washed our hair at 11pm in the night at a hairsalon ,
trishaw ride to our hotel 
left " town " at 12 midnight . 
icecream for supper on most nights 
half an hour to an hour of sleep on most nights cuz , guys were at our room everynight watching soccer ,nba ,  talking crap , drinking shots , monopoly deal.
our clean hotel room , turned into a pig sty every night . 
showered at 2am almost every night . 

thats how , clarence goh , clarence lee , edwin , dixon , marc , imran , criz , shinhye and i spent our week

im starting to love china even more , to have compassion for the place and the people thr.
the scenic breath taking view , cute animals , the lively culture of different provinces . 


veronica said...

omg man man you rmb you say you might go to china for missions?! LOLLL.

manda said...

SINCE WHEN !!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . wait okie i htink i recalllllllllllzzzzzz . oh no