Sunday, January 16, 2011

HMMS , okay veron my dear asked me to post this , its suppose t be private and confidential 
but since i think hardly anyone reads this space , no harm putting my list here <:

i know it may sound ridiculous , or why am i thinking so far ahead .
its because i want to get all the standards right and something which i can refer to before 
making any decisions in the future <: 

1) firstly , he definitely has t be a christian , but not JUST any christian . but a man of God 
2) be righteous in his actions 
3) cannot be one who follows the joneses
4) no smoking ( big no , not even a social smoker) 
5) no gambling / alcoholic ADDICTION  
6) Has got to know his priorities (God , family , me! ) 
7) He has got to be respectful to his OWN family members 
8) Has to have a big heart 
9) A heart for people & God 
10) He must be respectful towards my decisions & choices & ME !
11) Has to be able to accept / receive advises well & correct himself
12) Has the calling to go for Missions ( uganda) 
13) calling to be a pastor as well
14) Knows when to be serious and when to have fun 
15) Has to be attractive inside & out 
16) generous but good at saving
17) must love kids 
18) Have good relations with their own siblings 
19) have a decent set of friends 
22) Must show that he can be submissive to authority
23) Must love ANIMALS as well <: 
24) compassion for people
25) have wisdom 
26) have to be encouraging 
27) knows the right words to say 
28) Has to love music 
29 ) play at least an instrument
30) sing sing sing
31) athletic , must be better than me in sports 
32) Be at least 185cm tall 
33) He must be a man of great Faith as well 
34) knows how to make me smile & laugh 
35 ) gives me security 
36) cannot have more than 2/3 girlfriends before 
37) make me feel like im the only girl in the world 
38) must be able to express his feelings inside of keeping it bottled in 
39) cannot be so self centered 
40) Last but not least , he has to be my bestfriend

this is what i can think of so far , i may add on a few more over the weeks? years? 
HAHAHA <: i know God has the One for me <: i dont mind a korean or an angmoh 

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Anonymous said...

You looking for husband or imaginary friend?? Hahaha