Sunday, December 5, 2010

i guess i can finally say tt i've manage t catch up w my secondar school friends whom i've missed so dearly.
& just by seeing their faces alr made me so happy inside my hearttttttttttt <3 i love you zoeashleystanleybryanjerroldandrebryanyeomarshawn.

so anyway , i've met up w both bryanyeo & marshawn. HAHAHA yes its US again <: hahahah . talking about the past and everything felt kind of weird , but in a good way. HAHA both guys were awesome at cheering me up & treated me to desserts at everythingwfries / played basketball like old times ( we're missin XINGHAO!) / lepakkkkkkkk <:

met up w bryannnnyeo sometime back as well for our lunch date <: hahah he treated me to everything w fries , pictures are belowwwwww . awesome son , who has an awesome puppy , whom awesomely pee-ed on my awesomest hand .........had freeeee frolick treat from christinatang ( SO PRETTY!) & our daily scoooooooooooooop , met edddddy <: HAHAHA

on ashleybaby's bday , dearest zoe came byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . HAHAHAH <: popped by my house t bake , pictures are on FB . baked two cakes <: one for ash & the other for ce . bryanjeroldandrestanley came over laterrrrrrrrrr <: rushed down to ion t meet ash at fish&co for birthdaydinner .then went t deliverrrrrr my other cake .

edge cooporate youth activity at USS <: hahahahahahahahahahaha <: camwhoredddddd like mad .
 watched the fireworkzzzzzzzz , prettttttttttty much .
 anyway i just had edge conference ,
im so in love w you Jesus , please marry me .
i just want to run w youuuuuuuuuuu , and all i need now is obedience .
All i want  to do now , is to cry in your arms , in your presence ): Jesus , i want a big hug
i will love you endlessly.

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