Wednesday, December 15, 2010


what i've done this week , 
went to school t meet darren teah . went to mac w sim / ken/ stanley baby / jordan & teah .
Joy couldn't come in the end ): so went t starbucks t study while waiting for the rest t come <: 
went t meet ernest at bvcc & headed t qss for bball <:
johan & the rest finally came . so we bball a little while , went to the nearby coffeeshop place t rest awhile <: 
nixon & Johann accompanied me as i waited for my bus to come <: 

went to meet joy at kap mac <: hahaha had an awesome time and HTHT w her <: i miss you so v much dear <: im finally meeting up w all my secondary school mates <: 
spammed photobooth a lil though <: went out w mom and sis after tt t taka <: 
i want to get a new set of outfit for christmas & a pair of heels . wanna wear for our christmas service , 

ohwells , i should concentrate on my macro econs paper first , <: 
anyway im kind of happy <: 

songs which i can't stop listening to are : 
back to december - taylor swift 
half of my heart - john mayer & taylor swift 
firework - katyperry . 

on my playlist playing repeatedly . 
but nothing can beat my fav song right now , cannons . 
so in love with the song  . 
" the moon & the stars declare who you are " 

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