Wednesday, October 20, 2010

super super tired , i can't really think straight right nao . 
anyway , i can't wait for school to reopen , see my clique once again <: miss you guys . 
i miss BELLA !<:
gonna have h2h talk w her man as soon as i see her <: i think i may just get scolded by her . but ohwells. getting scolded by friends is alr something v mundane , but i love them still . 
hahaha , love you guys for trying t knock sense into my thickskull of mine but t no avail . 
well i can say tt this holiday had its ups and downs >: i want t suffer from memory lost . 

like those kids w selective muteism, i want t have selective memory . sigh . 
trust in the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART & ALL YOUR SOUL .

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