Monday, October 4, 2010

hi #2 !
gosh you've been away for a week now ):  wished you were here right now
then i could go over & just lie there in your bed and have a h2h talk again :>
then whikey would come in and lay beside your bed as we talked .
loveyoudear < : xoxo

i haven't been having the best week . been sick , keeping mum about my fever till the third day , i couldn't take it anymore , went t see the doc & told mom  . Had bad side effects here and there w the meds . goodness > :
irritating much . was down w tonsillitis/highfever etc
when i thought i had no fever , my temp was a whopping 39 degrees ....
so yea .. landed myself in the hospital .
okay la , i cried . HAHA cause i was afraid of the blood test / drips etc . scary much .
but quite comforting to know tt someone wanted t come down and accompany me through the night if i had to stay over . so sweet right ?
btw , went t the hospital cause the doc @ the clinic thought i had dengue . PHEW .

i wonder how many times can the same person save my life < :
i want to make it countless , haha problematic much .

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